Learning to Draw #5

We’ve had such miserable weather over the last week even the daylight hours haven’t offered much in the way of decent light to draw in. And even when it has been reasonably bright, it’s rarely been when I’ve time to draw.

On the positive I’ve found time to draw every day – although I haven’t managed an hour’s worth every day, which is my goal. Here’s what I’ve drawn…

Quite pleased with this one – especially as I was battling fading light at the end – apart from the thickness of the veins on the bottom leaf…

Anyone remember Ugly Mugs? BTW the light was coming from the other direction to the photo when I drew it.

Again the light is different in the sketch to the photo – still, allowing for that I’m not too pleased about this one…

Big mistake with this one. I should have concentrated on the bridge, but got distracted by the details in the background and ended up hurrying the bridge as I was running out of time. The massive shadow on the left – which I ignored –  also made this hard to see sufficient detail. I’ll draw this again I’m more proficient and when I’ve taken a better photo…

5-10 minute sketches…


And finally, the pine cone hubby brought home for me…

This was hard! And looks more like a pineapple. Another one I’ll be returning to when I’m more proficient.

Until next time,

Bekki x



18 thoughts on “Learning to Draw #5

      1. I am knitting, but not a lot. I am also trying to write up a sweater pattern and even though much less complicated than the Heartfelt cardigan it is soooo time consuming sizing everything up. 😦

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  1. The ten minute sketch idea is really good – it forces us to loosen up and be less into the tiny details. I should do it more often 🙂 The pinecone is a really good example of drawing what you see not what you think you see when it comes to light …… I’m impressed with your dedication and outcomes!

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    1. Thank you. The pine cone was very interesting; when I looked properly I found a lot of the sticky out bits – no idea what they’re called – had a really light pattern on the edge that I hadn’t spotted before and they made it hard to then work with the light and shadow.. I was really frustrated at the end of working on it, because the light was fading so fast, it kept looking different.

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      1. Problem is, photos often don’t always look like what you’re drawing.
        Went to a really interesting talk yesterday by an artist who sketches wildlife – this includes things like bees and birds that don’t stay long, but he sketches them all from real life!

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  2. Definitely some good ones. 🙂 I love all the effort you keep putting into this. Practice makes perfect. I love the first one, and the holly too. Specially the shells. 🙂 Hope the light is better this week and you get a bit more drawing time.

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  3. Practice, practice, practice! You are doing so well, very few people can draw the perfect circle , artists just keep going. Clothes peg is the best, and as Pauline says its a question of drawing what you see and not what you think you should see. I am very impressed, keep going.

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    1. Thank you. Good to know the one that only took 3 mins in most impressive to most people – there’s a lesson there!
      Did you watch Dublin murders? The girl on there said only a genius or a mad woman can draw a perfect circle! 🙂

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