WIP Round Up

Some people – and they know who they are – have suggested that I may have lost my knitting needles.

Untrue.  I have been knitting. And not just French knitting.


I’ve finished the teapot sweater…

Tea Cosy Sweater

and I’ve started a pair of mitts…


That’s the good news. On the negative, I still haven’t sewn up my red sweater…


But what knitter doesn’t procrastinate about sewing up their work together?

And whilst it’s not knitting, I’ve completed 5 more squares of the Charlotte squares blanket since my last made a WIP post. Only 3 squares to go now.


So not a lot, but progress is progress.

Until next time.

Bekki x


14 thoughts on “WIP Round Up

  1. It wasn’t me!
    I am having a hell of a time joining my CAL squares together. I was thinking of making another one after I’d finished in order to use up some stash yarn but I am not enjoying the joining one little bit and there’s quite a big border to put on afterwards. 🙄 What’s your join like?

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      1. It’s not the crochet that’s hard but the counting to make sure you keep 33 stitches on the side of each square and, as in my case each square is different, it’s easy to miss the odd stitch and have to go back to the beginning. I’ve done all the rows – now i’ve got the columns to do.

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      2. Ah I see. At least my squares are all the same, but I can still see that I’m going to have to concentrate very very hard. At least it must be more satisfying than sewing up knitting once it’s finished. My seams are always rubbish on knitting.

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  2. I think you have made excellent progress. Love the teapot’s jumper. I like join as you go crochet, and remember to stitch in ends as you go too. It’s neck bands I hate on jumpers, where it says to pick up 100 stitches from the front and 40 from the fifty on the back etc.The sewing up is an evenings work! Good luck with all the projects.I have finally started the left side of the polar bear. Progress is very slow. And it wasn’t me who said something about loosing needles!

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    1. Hello. No it wasn’t you 🙂 I agree necks on jumpers are the pitts. I hate designing them or following the bit of other people’s patterns where you pick up the stitches to do the edging.
      Yay! to the left side of the polar bear being started.


  3. And it wasn’t me ……….. Love the teapot jumper – that is different and very cute!! I might have to try and invent one for my coffee cafetiere. I love crocheting squares together – that’s when you see all the pretty little bits make a prettier big bit. Sometimes I even do strips as I go just to see what’s happening.

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    1. It wasn’t my love. It was that naughty Lynn. Glad you like the sweater – it’s one of my kits, so I’ve knitted it a few times.
      Look forward to seeing your cafetiere sweater.
      I’ve never crocheted squares together, so that’s to come. I’ve never even done granny squares before. You enjoyment of it is now making me look forward to it 🙂

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