Sunday Sevens 2019 #37

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens – a post where I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog.

Delighted to tell you it’s been a mostly dry week with some lovely frosty mornings…


We always put our Christmas decorations up the first weekend of December, but LH was playing golf, so we put them up on Monday…



We also opened our jar of Arthur’s Amazing Lemon Curd that I bought at the produce market the Saturday before – it really was amazing! There was none left by Friday.


On Tuesday I went for my first visit to a local art group. There isn’t room for new members at the moment, but visitors are allowed. Apart from at workshops you pretty much do your own thing. I made a seasonal still life and started sketching it out – maybe for next year’s Christmas cards?


Thursday I went into Tavistock and spotted these lovely soldiers the Bedford Hotel put out for Christmas…


Thursday was also book group Christmas dinner – where we failed to discuss last month’s book.  Personally I loved reading it until the end when I was totally disappointed and felt completely cheated by the limp ending of the various threads. I was also waiting for certain explanations  which didn’t come and therefore meant  that parts of it didn’t make any sense. So disappointing. I’m torn now whether to try another book by this author since she can write a compelling novel, but IMO completely let her audience down. Anyone else read this or anything else by Belinda Bauer?


Friday was Dickensian Evening in Tavistock with the Christmas lights being switched on…


Unfortunately Harry managed to skin the inside of one of the pads on his foot this week. My very kind friend gave me some dog shoes for him to wear, but I’m having a challenge getting him to wear them –  hopefully next week I can post a pick of him wearing them..


But despite his injury Harry still had time for a quick game of Where’s Harry?20191117_19043300

Until next time,

Bekki x


18 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2019 #37

  1. I see Harry and I hope his paw is better soon- was it the frost that hurt him? Belinda Bauer is an author I have been meaning to try, but haven’t yet got round too. It’d disappointing when the end of a book leaves you mystified, no wonder no-one wanted to discuss it. Love the Bedford Hotel’s decorations!

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    1. Harry says thank you. He did it tearing around the woods with his friends. We did want to discuss Belinda Bauer, but were too busy being Christmasy – we will discuss it in January and I’ll try to remember to report back what other’s thought.


  2. He’s by the fire of course – just like any sensible dog.
    Good luck with the dog shoes – I look forward to seeing pics if you can manage to get them on him for more than a couple of minutes.
    I love lemon curd and must make some more – I like it on porridge. It was so much better though, when I could use the eggs from our own chickens – it used to come out the most amazing bright yellow

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    1. Of course he is 🙂
      Thank you. He has such huge paws, I still can’t get them on. I bought some vet tape today and may have a go with some type of thick plastic affair. But you’re right, boots or things taped on are so difficult to keep on a dog’s foot. As it’s the side of his pad and not the bottom, I’m really hoping putting sudocreme on it at the beginning of walks, allowing it to get muddy then cleaning it well and putting wound powder on it will do the trick.
      Arthur did advise me to pick a very yellow pot of his as they were more lemony 🙂


  3. Harry is exactly where every sensible dog is when it’s frosty – Good boy Harry!! I love those soldier decorations, I so want to get one I’ve seen here, it’s a blue King and I’d I’d stand it by my door at Christmas time…… Sigh, the things that make us happy 🙂 Good luck with getting those shoes on Harry. I was reading something not long ago about the percentages of dogs who actually tolerate those shoes and walk comfortably in them. It was a low percentage. I haven’t read that author, probably won’t now 🙂

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    1. Would love to see a picture of the blue king you’re after.
      I’m not surprised the percentage is low. Goldies in particular hate any strange surface touching their feet. Although we did meet one in the woods a few weeks ago happily prancing around in some. Still I’m not holding out much hope for Harry wearing them successfully.
      We will discuss the book in January and I’ll try to remember to report back what everyone else thought of it.


      1. As I don’t know how to add a pic into comments here’s a link to something similar – though it might get put in your spam bin – The king in the middle is pretty similar to the one I have my eye on which is actually about a metre high and dressed in shades of blue. Way too expensive and frivolous of course but lots of fun especially when your last name is King 😀

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      2. Forget your surname being King, I want want one! in fact I want 4 – 2 for each door. But as you say, too expensive, so I’ll have to carry on wanting. Don’t think hubby’s log cutting skills are quite up to making one.

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