Sunday Sevens 2019 #38

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens – a post where I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog.

Sadly our change in weather last week didn’t last and we’ve been back to more wind and rain, which continues to make for very muddy walks.

Harry 33

In the woods the wind blew over a huge tree…

Harry 35

We’ve also had hail and just enough sunshine on Friday to give us a rainbow…



Despite the rain we’ve seen a beautiful moon rise early some afternoons.


Getting close to Christmas I tried new nut loaf recipe for Christmas dinner – it tasted a lot  better than it looks!


LH had his golf club Christmas do and won a bottle of port for getting his first shot nearest the flag on the 14th hole.


And on Friday night we attended the village Christmas dinner at our local..


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x



4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2019 #38

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I actually have some mud in my garden at the moment – a rare event as we are on steep land. I have actually had to towel off the dogs’ paws. No hosing down required though – as was frequently the case in West Sussex.
    I made a nut roast last week – first one since going veggie in March as I thought it was a bit of a cliché – very nice too What is the yellowish coating on yours – is it butter from the greased loaf tin?.

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    1. OMG!
      It is a cliche, but very tasty. Yes, I think it is. I made it in the slow cooker as I’ll need the aga oven space for all the other bits on Christmas day, but it really needed crisping off in the oven – which would have dealt with the butter.


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