Taking Stock of 2019 – Stash, Scrap or New

As the year closes I’m looking back and reflecting on my achievements and my learnings for 2019. As some of you know, for a while now I’ve been trying to work on projects that recycle and use up scraps and stash items, whilst keeping purchases of new materials to a minimum.

In total I’ve completed 24 projects and I’m very pleased to say only 4 have been made new from materials bought for that project: the baby sweater, floral quilt, my K6 sweater and the elephant quilt. Unfortunately no pics of the K6 sweater, but it is finished, I promise.

I’ve made 8 projects from stash yarn and fabric:

Flower Valley shawl, Heartfelt cardigan and a teapot sweater

The pinwheel baby quilt – which did include some scrap fabric too…

Pinwheel Baby Quilt

My PJ bottoms and ticking shorts...

The yet to be named mitts and mittens

13 From scraps:

Chamomile Stump work embroidery and new home cross stitch

Ratty and Baby Beanie Hat...

Santa Sacks, Christmas Fairy and Christmas cards

Dog Bandanas, summer top and Christmas stocking

Free motion embroidery cards and key rings

And the Angry Bird golf club cover


All in all I’m pretty pleased with the balance of scraps/stash vs new materials used. Completing 24 projects averages out at 2 a month – given some are far more time consuming than others and that I’ve been focus on drawing too for the last 3 months – I’m also pretty pleased with that.

Hope you’ve found plenty of time for you creativity this year.

Until next time,

Bekki x



4 thoughts on “Taking Stock of 2019 – Stash, Scrap or New

    1. Thank you, I was very pleased with the quilt and the cover – although that was such a pain to knit, both pattern and trying to keep it hidden from LH – as he seemed to always be in the evenings!
      My favourite is the red sweater I haven’t shown you finished yet – which is cheating I know, but I’m waiting for a dry day and only only me and hubby here to get him to take some pics of me in it.


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