Sunday Sevens 2019 Best Bits

At the end of every year I like to revisit my Sunday Seven’s photos. Here’s my favourites from 2019…

January – Harry came to live with us as his forever home…


February – Harry’s first snow with us…


March – Friends from up north visiting for the weekend…


April – friends teaching us to dance in Clumber Park…


May – a visit from our great nephew…


 June – Our holiday on the west coast of Scotland. Not only blessed with gorgeous weather while the rest of the UK was under flood warnings, but there were genuinely three breath taking moments amongst many many many wonderful ones…

The view from the top of the hill above Inverary…


Alone with Harry on the edge of Loch Fyne at 6am…


Sanna Bay…

Sanna bay 300

July – Harry on Rock Beach…


August – Broom Hill Hotel sculpture park…


September – Perranporth beach with our niece, great niece and her husband…


October – Visiting Lovely Eldest in Utrecht…


November – Harry and Baxter on Perranporth beach…


December – Christmas!


All in all 2019 has been a good year for LH and me, but I know this last year hasn’t treated all my friends and family so kindly. My love and best wishes go out to them for a much better 2020 and here’s to a happy, healthy 2020 for everyone.

Until next time,

Bekki x

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2019 Best Bits

  1. It looks as if you could have been on a tropical island rather than Scotland! Just goes to show.
    I expect the highlight of the year was getting Harry but it’s always good to have lots of highlights isn’t it?
    I hope next year brings you everything you hope for and dream of xxx

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    1. I suspect that was the highlight – but don’t tell the kids. Although at the time it was a happy sad moment, since we knew how how upset his owners were at parting with him and we were rather in shock at how fast it happened.
      Thank you. Wishing the same to you and yours xxx


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