Are you setting goals for 2020?

It’s at this time every year I hear the debates about whether we set goals or not. I didn’t set any goals at the start of last year. 2018 had been a difficult year and all I knew at that point with any certainty was that I wanted another dog in my life. The universe  quickly obliged and on January 12th Harry arrived to live with us as his new forever home.


Harry’s arrival meant we had to quickly cover my lovely Laura Ashley settees with boring plain throws.


Knowing they would be there for the long term, I wondered how to make my settees a little more attractive. I thought a quilt would add some interest, but I couldn’t possibly start making a quilt unless I finished the king size quilt I’d started two years earlier and abandoned. Finishing said quilt involved a lot of free motion quilting.


I absolutely love it! This led to me dabbling with free motion embroidery…


But I grew frustrated at my inability to create the images I wanted to. And so I decided to learn to draw.

I loved it!

I loved it so much that I forgot all about FME and focused on drawing.

After nearly 3 months I was ready to add some colour to my pictures. On advice from Lovely Eldest about the best medium for a beginner to try, Santa obliged with some appropriate presents.


So this is where I’m at at the beginning of this year; about to head out on a painting adventure. Should I set goals for what I want to achieve in this (and elsewhere)? Or should I just go with the flow?

Going with the flow last year took me in an unexpected direction. But maybe if I’d set goals I’d have set one to finish the king size quilt and ended up exactly here anyway. Or maybe if I’d set that goal along with others I would have had the other goals calling me so hard I’d wouldn’t have ended up here.


And wherever I’d ended up, who’s to say if it would be a better or worse place to be in? (This certainly isn’t a bad one.)

Every day we make a many many decisions. Even the smallest seemingly most insignificant can change the course of our lives forever.  IMO there’s no point looking back and wondering if we made a right/wrong or good/bad decision; we just took the choice we thought was right at that time. And for me, there’s no right or wrong in choosing to set goals; it’s whether we feel we need/want to set them or not, and how we chose to use them if we do.

Have you chosen to set goals this year? And why did you chose/not chose to set them?

Until next time (when I may or may not be setting some goals)

Bekki x

16 thoughts on “Are you setting goals for 2020?

  1. I don’t usually set goals and, if I do, I’m too easily tempted away from them and end up adding or substituting something else entirely.
    One goal I must stick to for this year, however, and it’s nothing to do with crafting – is to spend less money and accumulate less new ‘stuff’ as I might be embarking on a rather unsettled period which will require both more money and less material ‘encumbrances’. I think my output in quilting, dressmaking and other crafts, will reduce considerably in 2020 to make time for other things so, consequently, I probably won’t blog quite as much.
    I think your foray into drawing has made you very happy so you are proof that goal setting doesn’t have to be a rigid discipline but can be shifted slightly to suit.

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    1. I do hope the unsettledness doesn’t materialise for you, but I think we can all do with less material ‘encumbrances’. You seem to have reduced your posts recently. I miss them and am sure a lot of people do, but I know how hard it is to find time to blog sometimes. Please don’t go away permanently xx


      1. Aw, that’s sweet of you to say that about my posts.
        I won’t disappear completely.I tend to get lazy over the Christmas period in any case and this year in particular because all my immediate family were actually here and all together which doesn’t happen much at the moment.
        I have a ‘finish’ to celebrate soon so that will get me back into blogging mode I’m sure.

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      2. Sweet? Note to self, must work on making myself appear harder.
        Now i think about it I left blogland for two weeks before and over Christmas for the same reason and only reemerged so soon after Christmas because everyone except Lovely Eldest left boxing day and she had an exam she was studying for, so I blogged in her study time.
        Look forward to seeing the finish.

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  2. I don’t make year long plans and all that as I know life has a way of bringing in what is required at the right time and foiling my good intentions 😀 So I’m a free spirit and that may or may not be a ‘good thing’. As you so rightfully point out, how are we ever to know? However having said all that, I do have an intention for this year and that is to spend less generally and to acquire no new things for my art and crafting. Unlike our friend Lynn, this may mean I might start blogging more often to keep myself on the straight and narrow. I’m oddly looking forward to this challenge.

    How amazing that Harry has been with you for almost a full year already. That was a good decision ❤

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    1. As John Lennon said, life is what happens while we’re making plans. So so true.
      I think you need to be brave to be a free spirit in this world, but I already knew you were a brave lady 🙂
      One thing that’s bothering me with this painting is that I need new stuff. A few pencils didn’t seem a big deal, but all those brushes and tubes of acrylic seem a lot. Otherwise I too am attempting to work from existing supplies. I’m glad that plan for you will make you blog more. Haven’t see you out playing on your own blog for ages.
      Yes, nearly a year. I can’t believe it either, but no doubt I will be making a huge fuss when the anniversary gets here.

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      1. Don’t get sucked into the ‘I need every colour’ syndrome. If you have the primary colours (yellow, red, blue) and black and white, you can mix ’em and make any colour you want. As for brushes NO! You don’t need every shape and size – I still prefer my simple flat brushes in multiple sizes and have one or two other styles that I use from time to time. My suggestion is to buy a cheap set of brushes suitable for the medium you are working in and trial until you find the type of brush that works well for you. And, if you are watching other people paint and their style and size and media is a match for you, pay attention to the brushes they are using and maybe copy their choices. I’m looking forward to Harry’s party.

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      2. I went to a talk bt an artist before Christmas who only used 6 colours and mixed them. After that I dropped the hint to lovely Eldest about this when I asked for paint for Christmas, unfortunately she didn’t spot it. But yes, I’ve got my sights set on mixing from a handful of colours long term.
        Not so sure they’ll be a party, probably more a Sunday Sevens devoted to him xx

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    1. If you can – and I know it’s a huge commitment – go for it. Having a dog is something I’ve never regretted, despite having a really difficult time with my dear Mr Hicks (Harry’s predecessor).
      Harry says Hi. He also say, Mum can you get off the laptop and take me for a walk!

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  3. To goal or not to goal that is the question. We had one goal last year- to move house. It took all year for it not to happen. It’s still there for this year but I have drawn up a To Do List, which is nearly a set of goals, and I shall try to work towards these. Beats sitting around all day waiting for the phone to ring or an email to come… I am looking forward to reading more about the painting. Hugs to the lovely Harry. xx

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    1. It’s hard with a goal such as moving house, because it’s not completely in your control to achieve it. The right people will appear, meantime you’re absolutely right don’t sit there thinking about it, enjoy living where you are while you’re there.
      Will keep everything crossed for a speedy and hassle free move for you this year.
      Harry sends hugs xx


  4. I’m still dithering over making plans/goals this year. There are certain projects that I definitely want finished and new techniques I want to try, but I don’t know that making A Thing about them being goals would help or not.

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