WIP Update

Delighted to tell you that over Christmas and New Year I finished the last square of the Charlotte square blanket and have crochet all the squares together.


I just need to edge it and I’ve finished.

Otherwise I have no other WIPs to show you.

What? No knitting? I here you cry.

No, no knitting – unless you count a couple of minor UFOs I need to dig out.

It feels quite freeing to only have one yarn project on the go (if we ignore the UFOs), but I do have plans for a knitting project and for my next crochet one when I’ve finished the blanket.

How many projects do you currently have on the go?

Until next time.


22 thoughts on “WIP Update

  1. Well done Bekki, here’s my list of ufo’s :-
    1 crochet blanket
    1 knitted chunky cardigan
    Ongoing crochet octopi
    Large appliqué wall hanging
    1 quilt to finish
    400g fleece to spin for a fairisle cardigan..then to knit it.
    I daren’t look too hard as there’s probably more 🤪🤪🤪

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  2. It looks great Bekki – will you block it when it’s finished or have you been doing it as you went along or will you leave well alone?
    I had to laugh when you said ‘just the edging to do’ because the edging/border on my CAL Nature’s Walk blanket is taking me forever. It’s very deep and lacy(ish) though so that’s why. I think it will look good in the end but I’m not sure I’d embark on another as the joining nearly did for me too.
    I’ve been blocking the squares as I went along and will probably block the whole thing too – but only lightly as it’s big and will take ages to dry if I wet it too thoroughly. Which is why I asked you the blocking questions, out of interest.

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    1. Thank you. I haven’t blocked and was delighted how much flatter the squares became when they were joined together. I probably won’t bother to block as am hoping edge will help it flatten even more. Going for a very plain edge – which I’m making up as go along.

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    1. Thank you. I seem to be in a different place these days. i use to love having umpteen projects on the go go, but not any more. IMO if you’re on a ‘should’ attempt it, you probably won’t be happy with one.


  3. Erm I currently have far too many wips to list here 😏. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish a few of them soon.
    The blanket looks lovely.

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      1. Well now that Christmas is over I can get down to doing some crafting for me. Well after I’ve finished the few outstanding Christmas presents 😂

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  4. That is so pretty!!!

    I have four projects on the needles. One shawl getting its endless picot bind off, one sweater that I knit a few rows on every day, one hat that lives in my bag, and one pair of fingerless mitts that simply need thumbs, but I have been too lazy to fish out the second circular needle to finish them. And I have one skirt cut out and one scarf on the loom, both waiting for me to have time upstairs. It’s one knitting project more than I like so maybe I will finish the mitts this weekend.

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