Following my Heart 2020 – Fear and Art

I have to admit to a degree of fear of the blank page over starting this painting malarkey. I spent plenty of time phaffing and way too much time YouTube tutorial watching before I started.

But being a former creativity coach, I knew making a first mark on the paper would be a big step to overcoming this. So I detached from caring about the outcome and followed a very quick lesson in painting your first painting in two colours and ended up with this…


Although I’ve added the link above this is the video of his you should watch for this YouTuber –  nothing to do with painting, but it could save you a lot of money..

I digress…

I then set myself a goal to paint a picture for my friend’s birthday present. With her birthday being 11th of January and the present needing posting this forced me to get on with it.

My dear dear friend is the closest person I’ve got to a sister and she definitely appreciates handmade. So that took away the fear of not being good enough, as I knew she’d appreciate what I’d done, even if she wasn’t so keen on the picture. And anyway, she could always use the frame for something else.

She loves the seaside and has a very seasidey house. With my lack of skill, I knew I had to pick something simple, so the subject matter wasn’t hard to choose. I got going quickly and my first goal for 2020 was completed before I even blogged my 2020 goals list. 


The process has certainly sparked some interesting thinking, but I’ll save that for another post.

Until next time,

Bekki x





13 thoughts on “Following my Heart 2020 – Fear and Art

  1. Well done. I’ve saved your man to see how the hair comes out 🙂 Keep going, I think we all struggle with the blank page. I close my eyes and make marks, or wipe my brush, use up leftover paint just to put colour on upcoming papers so I don’t have that problem any more. It’s more problematic if you are using watercolours though 🙂

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  2. It reminds me of exams in days gone by when you stare at the page wondering where to start writing an essay on things such as ‘discuss the use of irony in Pride and Prejudice’ .
    I like the mean and moody atmosphere you’ve created in the first painting and, of course, the beach hut is perfect for somebody with a beachy house.

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