New Project Fail

When I decided my next crochet project would be the Granny Rocks sweater, I rummaged through my small stash to see if I had any suitable yarn. I was delighted to find just the right amount: six skeins of my own Shetland-Ryeland 4ply that I had saved when I gave up dyeing. I duly wound them into cakes…


…and began crocheting.  The rib went well, but after a few pattern rows I realised my tension was way off on the pattern rows. I frogged it back to the rib and decreased across the last rib row and worked a smaller size…



…but as I worked on it I realised that one of the dark blue skein hadn’t been 4ply but double knit…


I was was also beginning to think the gaps between the clusters were far too big. So although I could have dyed some of my 4ply Ryeland dark blue and used that, I don’t think I will. I’ve therefore sadly put the yarn back in my stash and am now wondering what to make for my next crochet project.

Hope you’re having more luck with your projects.

Until next time.

Bekki x



12 thoughts on “New Project Fail

  1. Oh, the amount of times that has happened to me 😀 Such a shame as those colours were looking a good combo too. I recently discovered, through doing a CAL, that the best thing to do with the odds and ends of various yarns that litter the house is to crochet a blanket – the changes in size don’t matter so much then, especially if you introduce different stitches every couple or three rows. Good luck with your next project.

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  2. Oh what a shame that it just didn’t work out. When I go to various shows and see all the lovely home spun and dyed yarn and people buying it I often wonder what happens to it, as folk buy just one skein at a time, and don’t have patterns. I wonder if it all just sits in drawers? I hope you find a really nice project to use yours in and a lovely crochet project.

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    1. Thank you. I think exactly the same. I think some people just collect a stash of wool in the way others have ornament etc. I have a very small stash – made up of presents other people have given me, sock wool – which has an obvious use – or failed/abandoned projects. I ended up with these individual skeins as this is my wool and I wanted to eventually knit something nice with it. Although I’ve given up dyeing, I can still dye some more to go with it if I need to.

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  3. That’s a nice pattern – I don’t see many crochet patterns for clothes that I like. It does specify DK though. Do you think the gaps would still be too big even using all DK yarn? Just in case I decide to have a change from making blankets.

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