Decoupage Ta Da!

A while ago I spotted a coffee table decoupaged with a map and immediately thought of our old blanket box that needed renovating. I would post a ‘before’ picture here, but of course I forgot to take one.

Two years later Lovely Husband announced he would paint it, because clearly I wasn’t going to do whatever it was I had said I would do with it.

I immediately banned him from painting the lid and two months later finally pulled out the map I had bought in a charity shop. Unfortunately the map was too worn to use, so I had buy a new one…


Heaven knows why I procrastinated so long. It was so easy – although it took a while to do all the layers of decoupage and varnish, both top and bottom of the lid. And here it is…


Not easy to get a good angle on it, but this is the other angle I got…


In real life it blends better with the paint and those weird dark patches on the green paint don’t exist either.

All in all I’m very happy with it.

Until next time,

Bekki x

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