Following my Heart – who needs easy?

It’s been almost a month since I posted my first acrylic paintings…

There’s a very good reason why. While I was working on the beach hut I started two other paintings. But once I’d finished the beach hut, I couldn’t get the oomph to work on them. After they’d sat untouched on the kitchen table for about a week, I packed everything away.


To be honest I’d known from the first strokes that I didn’t like acrylic painting. Too splotchy IMO and although I do have two beautiful acrylic painting I love, they’re the exception. I’m rarely drawn to acrylic (or oil) paintings.

So why did I choose to explore acrylic?Β I hear you ask.


Because people who knew more about art that me advised thatΒ  if I wanted to bring colour into my work I should try acrylic first; much easier than watercolour. But when did I like easy?

However while I wasn’t acrylic painting I’d had been working on my graphite pencil portrait of Harry. I’d loved working on all that detail and wondered if I’d be happier working in coloured pencil, but I knew I wasn’t keen on the look of coloured pencil. While I explored the coloured pencil market, wondering if I really wanted to buy an expensive set of colour pencils, I spotted Derwent’s Inktense watercolour pencils. I then began to wonder if they were what I wanted.Β  While I dithered, a beginners’ watercolour workshop was posted at art group for February.

I love the look of watercolour. Working on all that detail on Harry had made me realise how much patience I have for this, how much I love learning more complicated things. So how could I ignore a beginners watercolour workshop?

I bought some paints last week. Watched a heap of YouTube tutorials and had a go ahead of the workshop (long story here about trying to stretch paper when I didn’t have any gummed tape, which is why the edges are rubbish) …

Wet on wet single colour gradient
Wet on wet, two colour gradient
Wet on wet playing with dabbing various colour.
Bird on a tree

They might not be very good, but I loved the technique, the way the watercolours behave and that there’s so much to learn and master.

Who needs easy? Not me when it comes to painting.

Until next time.

Bekki x

8 thoughts on “Following my Heart – who needs easy?

  1. My take on life is you won’t know unless you try – so now you know. Whoever told you acrylics are easy told you wrong – there is an awful lot to learn about different paints, different papers/boards, different brushes and other application tools. Then you have to learn to manipulate the paint to get the look you are after. You have more control with acrylics (and oils) than you do with watercolours. But watercolours are fun and interesting and give a very different effect than the other two mediums. I play with both acrylics and watercolours but have never been drawn back to oils after my first foray with them. It’s all about the discovery and what clicks and what makes you happy. Has it only been a month? Can’t wait to see what’s happening in a year!!

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    1. I may have phrased that wrong – I think they said they were easier. And I agree with you, a lot learn and master in acrylics, but not for me. As you say, you don’t know unless you try. Am loving the watercolour, although so hard – they make it look so much easier on YouTube. I actually love that it has a spirit of it’s own, which of course, is getting me into heaps of trouble at the moment πŸ™‚

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  2. I couldn’t agree more about acryllic paint, it’s garish. I have been using it on my gel prnts and I much prefer the muted second print to the bright first print. Water colours are much nicer. Did you go to the beginners workshop, having a tutor in the flesh is really helpful when learning anything new.

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    1. I think you and I have similar tastes in a lot of things πŸ™‚ Beginners workshop is the week after next – you’re right a real like tutor is important. I wish I could find a local weekly class, but so far no luck. Lots of artists in the area though, so hopefully will soon.
      Sorry not visited your blog all week. Been mad busy. Looking forward to having a catch up with it with a cuppa, hopefully soon x

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