Back to the Fuchsia

At the end of last week I finally made a decision and bought some watercolour pencils.

Derwent Intense Colour PencilsI rummaged through my sketchbook and found this fuchsia sketch


Fuschia Sketch0

Unfortunately as I copied the sketch onto my watercolour a paper I was also looking at a photo of the flower and leaves, but it was at a slightly different angle, so my drawing ended up a bit squiffy.  Unfortunately I was drawing in the watercolour pencils, so couldn’t rub out and correct it.


I then shaded it in.


Then for the exciting part…

I added water…


Parts of it weren’t quite dark enough, so I coloured and added water again, then drew the veins in…



I’m pleased with it, but it does look a bit too much like coloured pencil in places and the leaves to look a bit blotchy and greasy. I wondered of this was because I coloured it twice, so tried again, colouring only once and comparing with a watercolour of the same leaves…



Comparing my results, I think the blotchyness  is actually down to the rough surface of the paper. I think next time I’ll try to draw something more textured on this paper and save drawing flowers until I have some smoother paper.

Until next time,

Bekki x

8 thoughts on “Back to the Fuchsia

  1. Ha, ha! Love the title 🙂 I love my Inktense pencils and haven’t used them in ages ….. you’ve made me think I must get them out again – they are fun aren’t they. If you are doing just one layer of colour and minimal water you may get away with 180 lb paper which has a smoother surface. On the heavier papers you can use either side and one is smoother than the other. Personally I prefer using either Strathmore Bristol Smooth or Mont Marte 300gsm mixed media paper. We all eventually find the paper that works for us.

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    1. Thank you. That’s a lot of useful information. At the moment I’ve spent so much on art supplies, I’m going to use what I have for now. Loving playing with the paints too, so might put the pencils down and play with the paint for a bit. I did see somewhere a pack of mixed papers aimed at letting you try them and see which you preferred, which seems a good route to possibly try.
      Thanks again for your thoughts, will definitely keep them in mind.


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