Sunday Sevens 2020 #9

What a week!Β  I’m sure we’ve all been knocked out of kilter and in my book positivity is more important than ever. So here’s seven happy photos from my week…

The sun finally came out on Monday – what a treat!


Gardening with my assistant…


Making a mess all over the kitchen table in the name of art…

20200318_18310900First sighting of this year’s spring lambs…


My clemantis armandii – identified as such by the lovely Lynn at Tialys – is starting to bloom…20200321_16424000


Harry practising settee yoga…


And finally, last week I posted a pic of Harry, but a few people couldn’t spot him…


Here’s he is…


Hoping this post finds you safe and well,

Bekki xx

16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2020 #9

  1. Lovely photos all but my favourite is the settee yoga which Flo is also very good at. Despite having a very large L-shaped sofa, I usually find myself squashed into a corner – often with a cat on my lap – due to her ‘relaxed pose’,
    For a minute I thought you were flagrantly flaunting a precious toilet roll on your arts table but I imagine it’s probably a roll of kitchen paper

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    1. It’s amazing how long dogs become when they start on their yoga. Sorry wasn’t trying to flout and yes, it is kitchen roll. However the loo roll thing is so ridiculous. We make the stuff in this country plus you really can improvise if absolutely necessary.

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  2. Is Harry doing the downward dog pose?

    I did spot him in the photo but this is fun so keep posting pics.

    Love the blue sky and clematis. Keep smiling and keep safe – there will be a light a the end of the tunnel.
    Take care. Daisy

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    1. Ha ha!
      Thank you. Yes, you keep smiling too. We will get there, I just wish people would listen. Unfortunately I doubt they will and we’ll soon be on complete lock down 😦


  3. The condition of you dining table is why, in the end, you have to have your own arting space! The stuff just spreads out and keeps spreading …….. a bit like a certain virus …. Lovely (clean) Harry!! Thanks for making him easier to spot today πŸ˜€ Have a good week Bekki ❀

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    1. I also have my own sewing space and my own office – which is a complete disgrace – although sewing room is tidy. I really am worse than a virus! Although I have receded to half the dinning table now as hubby is working from home and it will all move to the sewing room when the weather gets warmer.
      Harry is quite the opposite to HRH when it comes to cleanliness. Which is quite a relief.
      Wishing you a good week too. xxx

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    1. Ha ha! I’m going for settee pilates now classes have been cancelled.
      I think we just need to keep on posting positively and connecting, I’m sure it will help us all. Stay healthy too my love.


  4. Just reading your post after writing mine and we both started off exactly the same – what a week!
    I imagine that will be the same for quite a few but I’m living in hope it won’t be for too long. Thanks for showing us Harry in the pix – I’d have had more chancing of winning on spot the ball back in the 70’s that spotting him! Love his yoga, he really looks like he’s smiling and enjoying himself, I don’t think I would if I ever tried yoga. xx

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    1. Great minds! Or is it fools rarely differ?
      I guess you’re looking for Harry on a phone, probably easier on a screen
      His yoga always makes me smile – in fact I think he does it on purpose to make us laugh – although I know dogs can’t really smile – he does check if we’re watching. Although he does love sleeping on his back anyway.
      Guess you’re back to work next week. Hope you still make it here, but if not I will be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. Stay safe safe and healthy xx

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