Comfort Stitching

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with cross stitch. Sometimes I wonder why I would  ever want to sit stitching cross after cross after cross from a grid instruction rather than doing something a bit more challenging. Other times I happily sit and follow a chart that tells me where to place cross after cross after cross. This results in my cross stitch projects spending a lot of time hibernating. It’s resulted in my current project (started in 2012) spending at least the last two years untouched.


However a few weeks ago, when the Covid 19 thing turned to a pandemic, I picked it up and have worked on it almost every evening since. Thinking about my love/hate for cross stitch I’m wondering if it’s a bit of a comfort blanket. For the last few weeks I’ve struggled to find my creative flow, but cross stitch has given me something easy to do that I don’t have to really think about.


As you can see, there’s a still a long way to go and I suspect this project will get a deal more hibernation before it’s finished – hopefully well after the Covid 19 pandemic has become just a bad dream.

Stay well, stay safe.

Until next time,

Bekki x

19 thoughts on “Comfort Stitching

    1. It is a beautiful kit.
      Oh yes spinning definitely has that repetitive soothing quality. I gave given it up because it’s so boring, but I even feel a little soothed just thinking about doing it.


      1. I usually watch a movie or show while spinning.
        And I often sit together with others spinning. Just not at the moment.

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  1. Oh, maybe we are all picking up the mindless projects currently. I have returned to my endless rows of of hdc which makes up the bulk of the all in one cardigan I’m making. It allows for more mindful watching of the Netflix series on offer. (Not that most of them need a lot of mind) 🙂


    1. It is a lovely kit – although a lot of work and something to be enjoyed when I’m in the mood rather than needing to finish. A bit like a long book where you savour every page and feel sad when you have to leave that world behind.


  2. I know exactly what my relationship with cross stitch is – and it’s all hate.
    If only that was because I find it too easy – far from it. The teensy, tiny squares, the miniscule, sometimes unclear charts, the faffing about splitting those skeins of thread, it’s probably the only craft I’ve ever tried that makes me want to throw my toys out of the pram.
    I’m ashamed to say that, recently – yet to be blogged about – my Wednesday sewing buddy and i made a cartonnage box which had a cross stitch pattern on the front. I tried, I really did, but after managing about 2 crosses in the 2.5 hours we spend together, i threw it down and declared my house would have to have a different facade. Basically, I had a little tantrum.
    I find it amazing that anybody can find it ‘mindless’.
    Did I say I don’t like counted cross stitch? 👿

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  3. p.s. I love the way the girl with the hat has her skirt scrunched up on the saddle – a really nice detail. If and when you finish it I will be suitably filled with awe and envy.

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  4. I have a cross stitch that I haven’t touched for at least 20 years. I look at it every time I have to move it in my sewing room to reach something else & think one day😂 Maybe that one day has arrived but now I’m not sure my eyesight will cope with it!
    Yours is looking great so far

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    1. Thanks.
      I can sooo relate to this. I spent 17 years doing (although mostly not doing) another fine one of the same series. The minute I finished I bought this one as I’d enjoyed finishing the other so much. After working on it a while it got put away when we moved. I then spent 5 years ignoring it and when I took it out my eyes totally couldn’t cope even sat in a window in bright sunlight – all those pale shades! I asked for a magnifying glass with a light for Christmas 2018, but never used it until now with this cross stitch. It is brilliant. If you do decide you want to finish yours, I’d totally recommend one.

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  5. It looks like a gorgeous cross stitch project- is it Lanarte? I am finding it hard to be creative too, just too much uncertainty, worry and disruption. Maybe I should have a go at the Flower fairy before Miss F gets any older…

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    1. It is Lanarte – well spotted. A few people have mentioned they’re doing ‘don’t think too hard’ projects at the moment. I think needs to be a craft you’re competent at that has a rhythm to it’s action. Hopefully we’ll be seeing the flower fairy soon.


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