Before and After

I know many of us are feeling our concentration/creativity has done a a bunk, but before mine left I painted a picture of Harry…


I was pretty pleased with it, but wanted to have a go at doing his fur wet on wet to see the difference.

W on W H00

As you can see I made a mess of the edges, but I understood why this had happened and with being so new to watercolour was quite happy with what I had achieved and learnt.

However that was the point at which my concentration/creativity upped and off. The picture sat on kitchen table for a week or so, until I decided I’d just finish the eyes and leave the fur as was. After all it was only practice. I could try again when I was back in the right frame of mind.

Opps! Eighties eyeliner anyone?

wet on wet with eyes00

What  mess! Sorry Harry. I’m sure I could have tidied this up more, but having made such a mess of his eyes, nose and mouth, I filed it away in the experience pile.

If anyone has any wet on wet tips they think would help me, that would be great, but best not mention the black.

Stay safe, stay well.

Until next time,

Bekki x

16 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Very glamourous- a touch of the Marc Bolans or even Jack Sparrow perhaps! My creativity has gone walk about too- the only manifestation is the what can I make for lunch/dinner? We’ll get better in the end.

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    1. You did make me smile. Although I was a wee bit young to be a fan, I love T-Rex. Partly Billy Elliot’s fault I think. Harry is definitely no Jack Sparrow.
      Yes, we’ll get better. Trick is not to think too hard about not being able to do stuff.
      Not sure about creative lunches – I entitled what I made yesterday, Egg Mess 🙂


  2. I really like the first painting. I don’t even know what ‘wet on wet’ means in terms of painting so I’ll leave the advice to others on this occasion. I am doing a needle felted portrait of a Trailhound at the moment. I haven’t got a Trailhound, and don’t know anybody who has but it’s a practice piece and, hopefully, practice will eventually make perfect. I did a Lemur the other day and I definitely don’t know anybody with one of those.

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    1. Don’t fret petal, I wasn’t expecting you to.
      Good thing about making felted dogs no one has heard of – let alone owns – is that you can make whatever mess you want of it, because no one will know you got it wrong. I did however google trail hounds and got picture of what looks like an evil beagle.
      Are we going to get to see any of your felted menagerie?


      1. An evil beagle 🤣
        Have you seen them jump though – they fly over gates and fences as if they had wings, It’s the chosen photo for the tutorial for a smooth coated dog on my workshop course. It actually isn’t that far off looking like my Flo so it should help when I get proficient enough to attempt her portrait.
        I am planning a post on my needle felting portraits but finding it hard to get round to. I’ve done one of Stan but not particularly happy with although, like you, I’m trying to chart my progress so I’ll show and tell anyway.

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  3. You are right not to worry I think. You’ve got this and it IS just practise. I NEVER use pure black in watercolor. I go for making the dark from all the colours in use on the palette with a tip of the brush into a dark brown or grey. I actually rarely use straight black in anything other than a pen nowadays, I just leave the impression that it’s there by the above method. It’s a less harsh, in your face, kind of approach…… You’ll soon be making superb watercolour portraits if you keep up the daily practise once the mojo is back up and running. I’m back in quirky drawing mode, just to give myself time out of the endless anxiety of the world. I recommend art as a calming healer.

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    1. Thank you.
      That’s interesting, I thought I’d used Paynes grey, but it is awfully black. One thing I must do is make some colour mixing charts. I know that will improve things, but it’s rather boring.
      I am feeling calmer now and have done a bit more today – but not helping that hubby is on conference calls half the time and I do like peace an quiet.
      Look forward to seeing some quirky pictures from you soon.

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  4. I agree with the comment about not using black. My painting teacher always says about mixing a dark colour and using a purple colour as shadows as it contrasts with the yellow sunlight, and I think would work well as a contrast with the fur colour here.
    Another thing I have learnt the hard way is that any paint you are putting into a wet in wet can’t be wetter than what’s there already otherwise it will “cauliflower” and give you hard edges within the paint section.

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    1. Oh yes, cauliflowers are a nightmare. Mmm purple would be an intetesting contrast. Although I’d be surprised if I used black as I do know it’s a bad flat colour. It’s probably paynes grey.


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