Sunday Sevens 2020 #12

Not sure if I should apologise for being a day late with this week’s Sunday Sevens or just skip over it, because every day’s the same, you probably won’t notice. Anyway here’s my Week 3 in Lock Down…

I consider myself extra lucky at the moment to have a garden, where I’m spending most of my time. Our rockery has always been a nightmare, because the rabbits eat almost any flower you plant there. This year I’ve decided to turn it into a terrace vegetable garden – planting foods the rabbits should hate: potatoes, onions and garlic.


Th garlic shoots came through this week…


Just look at all those stones – it looked stone free a couple of weeks ago, but with it being so dry all the watering has brought them to the top.


We’ve been intending to build a vegetable patch for years, but need to put in a rabbit proof fence for all the other veg – hoping to get there this year – meantime I have planted another rabbit proof food plant in a bank at the back of what will be the veg garden; a crown of rhubarb, kindly given to me by a friend…

Okay clever peeps, is rhubarb a vegetable or a fruit?

Talking about gifts from friends, I made the gifted eggs I showed you last week into lemon curd…


Since lemon curd uses more yolks than whites, I also made meringues with the left over egg whites…


Had a bit of a disaster though. I put the metal ladle in the aga to sterilise it before I filled the jars and it turned out to be glued together with something that couldn’t stand the heat.


We’ve also enjoyed sitting in the sun. First time we’ve had the loungers out since Harry arrived. He claimed his – or rather mine – in a flash. Think in a past life he might have been one of those people who puts their towel over the best lounger by pool at the crack of dawn.


At least he was up for sharing…


Thursday was very exciting as it was the first time in two week’s I’d left the village. I had dizzy excitement of going shopping…20200409_11440400

They seem to have installed some temporary air venting/adding/who knows what system. Not sure if this is down to covid 19 or dealing with something that has broken…


Thursday is also the day we clap at 8pm for the NHS staff and all the essential workers. We owe every one of them a huge debt of gratitude and I just wish there was more we could do to help them than clap and hide at home.

LH practising his saucepan banging.

And finally anyone for an (extra hard) game of Where’s Harry?


Stay well, stay safe.

Until next time,

Bekki x

8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2020 #12

  1. Harry clearly thinks LH has gone barking with the noises! I magnified the picture to 300% and I can’t find Harry ! Love him taking in the rays! Good luck with the rabbit proofing! Lovely set of pictures, which have brightened my day no end. Stay safe and well xx

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    1. Hello. Thanks for dropping by. Glad I’ve helped make the day a little shinier. Harry thinks we and the neighbours have all lost the plot on Thursday s at 8pm 🙂 Not sure when we’ll get the rabbit proof fence up – we used some of the wire we bought before to proof the gaps in the garden fences when Harry arrived, so need to buy more. Hopefully can get some delivered.
      Will enlighten you where Harry is in next week’s SS xx

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  2. I let Mr. T. do the shopping these days – I don’t like food shopping at the best of times (since I’ve not had access to a Waitrose or an M&S) but now it’s miserable. Even though our shelves are still well stocked (apart from flour) and we’re not in a busy place so no queues or anything the sight of people dodging each other and the occasional face mask make me remember where we’re at.

    I’ve beein making lemon curd for years and use whole eggs – I don’t separate them and it’s lovely and as bright yellow as yours is. Also, I don’t like meringues 😉

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    1. We at least have a Waitrose, but I’m not a fan of food shopping at the best of times either. LH went first time, but I forgot to put a couple of things on the list, so they got missed – just can’t get the staff these days!
      I love meringues!

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  3. I get my groceries delivered so only leave my house for our (shortened) twice daily walks. As winter appears to have arrived rather abruptly over the past 24 hours those walks may get even more curtailed. And I’m very excited, I think I’ve found Harry 🙂

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  4. those meringues look perfect. And just in case you didn’t know, egg whites freeze brilliantly. And…Very Good luck with your veg. I’ve yet to find something our bunnies remember they don’t like eating 😉


    1. They are good – the aga is so great for cooking things that have a long slow cooking time.
      the garlic and onion shoots that are through are being left alone. The potatoes are not through yet – rabbits aren’t supposed to eat nightshade family foods, but as you say, rabbits aren’t supposed to eat a lot of things they do eat. Rhubarb is supposed to be poisonous to them, so that should be safe. Anything else is going to have to go behind a rabbit proof fence.

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