How’s Your Mojo?

I know I’m not the only one who’s creative mojo went walk about at the start of lock down. I think for me it was mostly about four things:

  1. Getting my brain around the whole situation
  2. Loss of routine.
  3. Having someone else in the house near 24/7 – it’s great him being here, but I like silence and my own space to create in.
  4. The good weather calling me into the garden.


At the start I was quite happy to take my scattered thinking outside – I knew I need to get my head straighter and there were outside jobs that certainly needed doing. However after a couple of weeks or so of not touching my paint brushes, I was feeling all those fearful beginner thoughts again.  Time, I thought to make myself paint. Paint anything, however bad.

So I did…

I started with this, just to move my paint brush – they’re supposed to be tulips  – inspired by the  bunch of  tulips Lovely Eldest sent me for mother’s day.


Another exercise just to get my paint brush moving

A whole picture!

I wasn’t at all happy with the results – even though I’m very much a watercolour newbie.

I knew the way to get through this was just to keep going, to try and build a routine, but easier said than done with hubby on reduced hours and the days he works changing every week.

I stuttered on, trying to find inspiration, but even when I did I struggled to put my heart into it.

Even the bees I painted, because I was so excited when I found out my friend Ali is a contestant in the Great British Sewing Bee this year.

I soon found myself going days and days without painting again. So today I made a promise to myself. I would paint every day and blog each week about what I’ve painted. However good, however bad, however uninspired.  And that’s it really.

How’s your creative mojo doing?

Stay safe, stay well.

Until next time,

Bekki x

11 thoughts on “How’s Your Mojo?

  1. I like all of your watercolors. Especially the tulips. They would look pretty painted as a border on a tea towel. So would the roosters. I’ve been experimenting with crayon on fabric. And painting walls. Haha. Getting my classroom space set up. Your painting is very inspiring.


  2. I absolutely love your roosters- they would look great as a greeting card! I really admire your determination to be creative through this. I am so chewed up by everything creativity has gone down the plug hole. I have put away all the projects that I planned on doing and feel better that they are out of sight, occassionally I pick up knitting needles or cross stitch, mostly I read, or potch about in the garden, the only thing I actually enjoy is the motion of walking in the countryside. The odd thing is I like being at home, it’s the having to go out for essential shopping and finding everywhere is wrong that throws me. I shall look forward to your painting posts! Three cheers for Thimblerlina!

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    1. Thank you. The roosters are very small. I was planning on doing a few brightly coloured bigger roosters, but the bigger ones I sketched came our looking very uninspiring. I will definitely do some more though. Today I’ve been working on an abstract, so let’s see where that goes.
      I hear where you’re coming from. Everything seems normal while you’re at home, but going out isn’t. Even walking Harry out on the moor there’s a silence that’s unnerving – even though you could barely hear any car noise before. I am however pleased about the lack of cars driving through the village.


  3. As I have just relearned for the umpteenth time – any practise is good practise 🙂 I worked daily for three weeks, just doodling, following along with a free course – I’ve told you this before I think – and then suddenly, completely out of the blue with no aforethought, no planning, no intentions, the mojo woke up, got up and has been busy ever since. It’s all centred around pencils at the moment but might segue to the paints again………. We’ll see. I’m just happy to be able to immerse myself in form and colour again. It’s so health giving 🙂

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  4. Ooh chickens. The remind me of the ones that I worked out how to Paint for a card for my friends hen do. 😂
    Getting the paints out again is something on my never ending list of things I should probably do. Need to do a card for Nan for Monday for her 95th birthday… No pressure then. 😣


  5. You’ve taken the first step and got the paintbrush moving again so there’ll be no stopping you from now on.
    I must confess I haven’t lost my creative mojo but I have lost my exercise mojo 🧘‍♀️
    I have to watch BBC by tricksy means so will be watching Ali do her stuff tonight and avoiding spoilers today.

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    1. At least you have one mojo. Although presumably you are still dog walking? which counts as exercise in my book. My weekly pilates class has moved to zoom 5 days a week, so am doing okay there.
      Won’t say a word about Ali.

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