Progress on this year’s goals

It occurred to me the other day that for months now I’ve been completely ignoring the goal list of I wrote at the beginning of the year. Looking back I discovered  I decided to pursue creative ‘explorations’ as well as plans and goals.

Explorations are basically following my heart during my creative time and seeing what evolves and, apart from my mojo going AWOl, so far so good.

Plans and Goals

Whilst not always completely fitting the criteria to be goals, most of my creative plans at least had time frames attached. Here’s what I planned for this year that I’ve already achieved or have started working on…

  • Take part in Scrap Happy every month – so far so good.
  • Use scraps or materials from my stash, rather than new, as much as possible this year – I haven’t bought anything new, so I must be.
  • Make a birthday present for a friend whose birthday was Jan 11th.


  • Make the cork picture I’ve save over 100 corks for.


  • Finish renovating our blanket box.
  • Dig out any UFOs and finish them before the end of the year – no photos, but I have. Maybe I should fess up to those next week.

What I haven’t achieve/started working on…

  1. Design a Christmas cardigan.
  2. Make some birthday cards by the end of January.
  3. Make secret advent present before 1st December.
  4. Make a Christmas table runner – well before Christmas.
  5. Make some Christmas table mats – well before Christmas.
  6. Make Christmas crackers – before Christmas.
  7. Santa Cowl – before Christmas

Apart from my birthday card goal – that I missed achieving – everything else is Christmas linked. The idea of these goals was to get a head start on Christmas early in the year. But right now, with the sun shinning, I’m not in the least bit inclined to work on any of them. I wonder how close to Christmas I’ll be, before I start to work on any of them?

If you set them, how are your goals going this year? And have you done anything towards Christmas during 2020?

Until next time,

Bekki x

10 thoughts on “Progress on this year’s goals

  1. I too have suffered lack of creative mojo and not looked at my Gonna do list for a while! I love your creative exploration ideas. I think you have a talent with the water colours you know.
    No nothing done towards Christmas yet! I always tell myself to start in June, then don’t and by November when I feel like it, it’s too late!
    I think you have done amazingly well .
    Keep painting Bekki, the rest can wait. Stay safe, xx

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    1. Thank you. I do love the watercolour, which I guess is half the battle – not that it’s in any way a battle.
      Funny isn’t it? I look at the Christmas linked goals and just can’t even go there. On a logical level thee’s every reason to get ahead, but instinctively it feels plain wrong 🙂 Guess we’ll both be rushing come November 🙂


  2. My goal for the year is to survive if I can. That’s kind of been my goal for every year for the past decade. So far, so good 🙂 I usually start up with the Christmas makings sometime in May, so I have a couple of weeks grace yet. That works well in this hemisphere as winter closes in it’s nice to settle down with some cheery projects. I’ve been drawing lots recently which has been a lovely change for me – but the handcrafts are languishing…..

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    1. Sounds like an excellent goal!
      This hot weather we’re having is certainly putting me off any inclination to do anything on that Christmas list. I don’t know if winter starting in May would help me though 🙂

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  3. I haven’t even thought about Christmas to be honest unless to vaguely wonder whether I’ll still be in France or back in the U.K. As the lockdown has put the brakes on proceedings anyway I still have no idea. Most of what I make at Christmas would be for gifts but, as last year, almost all the friends I have here asked me to remember we’re supposed to have a ‘no Christmas gift’ policy, which I was ignoring, I guess I won’t be making many of those 😏
    I might make an effort to stock my Etsy shop though (which I’ve closed for the moment due to shipping worries) otherwise what to do with my creative output??

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    1. I felt myself vaguely wondering if we would even be allowed visitors at Christmas :-/ Uncertainty certainly puts the brakes on things, but I think the sunshine has more to do with Christmas stuff procrastination for me.
      I know, we’re supposed to be cutting down on gifts too, but it’s so nice to give people things. We’re also in the midst of a family decision about more responsible gift giving – the discussion has been going on all year and now stopped with lock down.
      Good luck with finding a spot for your creative output.

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  4. The spell of hot weather has slowed me down a bit as my studio space is a conservatory and becomes a bit warm after lunch. I’ve also been doing a couple of online courses, new one has just started, so that is taking my focus. Having the list and my table does help me see the projects I can do when I need a quick fix or even a quick finish! Quite happy with how it’s going though. It’s amazing how everyone seems to feel the same though isn’t it.

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    1. Conservatories get so hot so quickly – nice in the winter though when the sun is out. I’m the other way around, I’ve been working in the kitchen near the aga to keep warm and the warm weather has allowed me back to my craft/art room, which is just as well, because Hubby is now working from the kitchen table.
      Sounds like you’re being pretty productive. I keep meaning to sign up to some courses, but so much to do in the garden, I’m waiting for the weather to get a bit worse.

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