Monday Sevens

Welcome to a belated Sunday Sevens – at least I think it’s belated and I think it’s Lock Down Week 5. But who knows?

This week I decided it was going to stay warm enough at night for the pots to come out  onto the patio…


With all the warm weather lots of flowers are coming into bloom. I’m particularly loving this phlox that I rescued from the rockery a few years ago, almost dead from rabbit attacks…


This week Lovely Husband has been busy digging the stones out of some old hard standing…


With the weather being so hot, garden I’ve added a diversion to our morning walk so that Harry can a have drink from a small stream – I just love this tiny clapper bridge that passes over it…


The sheep are clearly feeling the heat – who’d want to wear woolly coat when the weather’s so hot?


Whilst the sheep have been sheltering, the sun has brought out the dragon flies…

Dragon Fly00

Out and about I was also pleased to find a pile of wood for the taking – LH had used his last scraps on the Scrap Happy Greenhouse, so we helped ourselves to some of of it…


And for my last photo, anyone up for a game of Where’s Harry?


Stay safe, stay well.

Until next time,

Bekki x

8 thoughts on “Monday Sevens

  1. I know what day it is because today is the first day I get just a tiny bit more freedom….. today I can drive to the beach for a walk, provided my car will start after six weeks of enforced retirement. I’m guessing the AA might be quite busy today 🙂

    I love that little bridge and of course I can’t find Harry – but I’m guessing he is one of those goldy mounds on the left side of the pic. The dragonfly made me laugh – that’s so cool!

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    1. How fabulous. I hope your car starts without need for assistance.
      We have lots of lovely bridges of that construction on Dartmoor – although many are a lot bigger.
      A yellow dog amongst yellow gorse isn’t easy to spot. He should become easier to see once the colour goes.
      Enjoy your newfound freedom – I know Siddy will too 🙂

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  2. Oh I do like seeing a tree for the sheep. I always have a grumble at seeing livestock in pasture with no shelter. I think it should be law to plant a tree or two for them. 😁 Bit worried about the size of you dragonflies. Nice woodpile to rummage too. We could do with a replenish after a few spring jobs have depleted our spare woody bits too!

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    1. Poor sheep don’t have it easy. I feel sad for them when it’s too hot. I feel sad for them when they’re out in the wind and rain and then I feel sad someone’s going to eat them 😦
      The size of the dragonflies is a little worrying 🙂


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