Belated Sunday Sevens 2020 #15

Each week Sunday Sevens becomes a bit more of a challenge to find new pics I’ve never shown you before when I’m constantly living in the same 3 mile (or so) radius.   Here’s what I found this week…

Pretty eggs from a local farm…


The ancient spring…


A bluebell path…



The castle – did I ever tell you we had a castle? We don’t actually, it was a jail, but it’s always referred to as called a castle – presumably to please the tourists.



My wooden spoons are taking a bit of  with all the Thursday night pan banging…



These cuties appeared over our hedge – or rather on the other side of our Devon bank. They are gorgeous, but in truth they just made me feel sad. They were slightly curious but also looked scared – so young to be taken from their mums and how long before they end up on someone’s dinner plate? 😦


And finally, because that’s only six photos, a random picture of Harry with his lion…


Stay well. Stay safe.

Until next time,

Bekki xx


16 thoughts on “Belated Sunday Sevens 2020 #15

  1. I would be more interested in an old jail than an old castle – plenty of those around.
    I don’t eat those cuties any more – although I still eat eggs, cute or otherwise.
    Lovely photo of Harry this week with his softie. I’ve never yet had a dog that didn’t chew a plushie to bits – even my goldie would – the only thing that’s ever been treasured was my GSD’s rubber chicken.

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    1. The jail was a mighty grim place by all accounts. Maybe I should do a separate post on it.
      I’m glad you’re not eating the cuties – I too eat eggs, because I think that’s an entirely different matter. I do always get them from well treated chickens, but would really like to have our own chickens, then I would know they come from spoilt chickens.
      HRH was a softie shredder despite being a goldie. It’s quite a novelty to have toys stay intact.


  2. I spot Harry! Hurrah. He looks so cute with his teddy. Poor bullocks, did you say boo or something. I love seeing them in the fields, yes it’s very sad they are not with their Mums but on the other hand the little life they do have is not too awful. And if we didn’t eat them then they would have no life at all.
    Those eggs are so pretty, why such different colours- is it the hens or their feed?
    That jail looks fascinating- more pics please, and why is there, and why haven’t we seen it before?
    The bluebell wood is lovely, and the Spring too- does that have a history too.
    This was a super selction of photos.

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    1. Well spotted 🙂
      I appreciate there’s logic in your argument about the calves, but as a mother I think I’d rather not have a baby than have one that has a short life and ends up on someone’s dinner plate.
      It’s the hens that make the eggs that colour – but don’t ask me what type they are.
      Think I can feel a post on the jail coming on. Yes, the spring has a history – so long since I read the board beside it, I can’t tell you what. Okay, another post 🙂
      Glad you like the photos – I’m missing being able to go out and enjoy all the bluebells elsewhere.

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  3. The jail does look like a castle, very similar to Clitheroe castle which is tiny..and does look like a roofless prison. Haha.
    It’s fantastic seeing all the bluebells. x

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  4. Lovely to continue hearing from you Bekki. I always enjoy what you send and of course what you are working on. I am working on my 5th (of 6) baby blankets with the sweetest heart pattern. I did two in pink, two in blue, and now working on 2 in ecru (like it better than bright white). I have heard a rumor that there will be a lot of babies in Nov/Dec, etc. Sure hope I know some of them. The blanket I know almost by heart and is so fun and takes quite awhile. I also am adapting a sweater pattern that I have made for 50 years (well maybe 40+). Love the lacy top. I get rave reviews from parents and now want to make it bigger for 3-4 year olds. I am changing from 1/3 needles to size 4 (US) and also using a larger yarn. So far looking good. I will try the prototype on a friend’s granddaughter who is now a robust 3. It will tell me if I am on the right track.
    Hope all is well over there and you guys are safe and healthy. Love, Lucy

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    1. Hi Lucy. Great to hear from you. I was wondering how you were doing just the other day. There seems such a mix of ways things are being done in the US. It’s great to know you’re good and busy and the current turbulent times haven’t frightened your knitting mojo away.
      Boy you do sound busy on the knitting front! I bet your blankets and sweaters are gorgeous. Well done on working on adapting the pattern. I’m sure the prototype will be fab.
      We’re good here thanks – as you know we’re very rural, so our region has the lowest line on the covid graphs every time they show them. I just hope it stays that way once things start to open up again and that the facilities we have don’t get overwhelmed by people coming down on holiday passing it on.
      Stay safe. Big hugs, Bekki x,


  5. Don’t you have a big prison somewhere round you? I’m sure I’ve heard of it….. maybe this was the precursor? I’m with you on the animal rearing/eating issue. And pro freerange/ organics/ethical farming as a preferred lifestyle for all offerings, whether I eat them or not. Our restrictions have been lifted a little and I turned the car on for the first time in 7 weeks and took Siddy for a drive on Sunday – he was delighted! But I’m not going further afield on walks until we drop another level. Have another good and healthy week!

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    1. You’re absolutely right we do have a big prison on Dartmoor – Dartmoor Prison! It was built during the Napoleonic wars. These days it holds the lower security prisoners and is set to shut in a few years – no idea why? I thought we didn’t have enough room in our prisons. Our jail wasn’t a precursor of that and dates way back earlier from when our tiny village was an important town. We were an economic powerhouse in Saxon times – today we’re a village of about 450 inhabitants 🙂
      Although I am sad a bout the calves and don’t eat meat, I know the farmer next door is very kind to his animals.
      Great to hear you and Siddy have had a trip out (and that your car started). Yes, although restrictions are being lifted we still need to be very careful. Sunday is set to be the day we get big announcement of what new things we can do here – although I suspect in reality it will make little difference to what we personally do. Take good care xx

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      1. I’m tickled that once you were an economic powerhouse 🙂 Doesn’t that just go to show how things move on. I was so surprised when my car started first turn – I threw Siddy in and tootled off just in case it decided to hiccup and never start again …. It was very exciting 😀

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  6. Love that spring! I think the jail is far more exciting than a castle. I’ve been to Princeton a few times. I think it’s just one of those place you have to say you’ve been to when doing a Dartmoor Tour before you think I may have done something untoward as a reason for being there! 😳 We stay at Lewtrenchard sometimes and it’s sort of in the vicinity.😁 My girls send a smooch to Harry.

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