Watercolour Progress

A couple of weeks ago or so, with my creative mojo having gone AWOL, I forced myself to sit down and paint. I also promised myself I would paint every day from then on and share the results weekly on my blog – however bad they were.

Although I broke my second promise and didn’t post last week, I did keep to the first. I started with some technique experimentation that was a bit mad – so we’ll gloss over that – then with painting bees still on my mind, I spotted a bee on these beautiful flowers and decided to paint it.

This is the point where I need you, dear reader, to tell me what sort of flowers these are – please.

Okay, so the picture was taken after the bee flew away. And yes, I know this is a tall order for a newbie to paint in watercolour, but still I sketched them and made a start.


However the level of detail of the flower became rather intimidating. Rather than make a complete mess, I decided I needed to build my detail painting skills and come back to it. So I took a free class from Anna Mason – painting wet on dry. I didn’t have any hot pressed paper, so it doesn’t look as it should, but I’m happy enough with the result.


Following this I had the urge to to paint a pear wet on wet…


Somewhere in the last two weeks I also painted a few birds – these are my favourite two…

and I painted an anagram card…


I’ve a couple of other unfinished painting on the go too. So all in all quite please with my progress and also pleased to say I think I spotted my creative mojo hiding behind my paint brushes last night.

Stay safe, stay well,

Until next time,

Bekki x


18 thoughts on “Watercolour Progress

      1. While I’m so new to this, I really should start noting it as I finish each piece. It would be an excellent practice to get into and if don’t start now I’ll end up having this conversation forever.

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  1. Flower already identified so I’ll move on to your splendid work.
    I especially love the first pear – I think it’s because it appears to have so much texture.

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    1. Thank you.
      Now you’ve all told me it’s a rhododendron, I realise I knew that, I just didn’t think it was, because it was yellow not pick or red or lilac. What a numpty!


  2. Hi Bekki,
    The flower is a gorgeous RHODODENDRON – name etc. I do not know. Good for you to continue on your quest. I am still knitting although I would LOVE to take on watercolor. I think I would like to take an intense one week class on watercolor and really immerse. Haven’t found one yet. Hopefully. Stay healthy and creative.

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    1. Thank you. It’s my favourite flower in our garden.
      Great to hear you’re still knitting.
      An intense course would be great. When I started I looked for a local course and couldn’t find one. I then looked for someone on line. I’ve now found a couple of people I think I’ll sign up to, but it’s hard with all the different styles of using watercolour and of teaching. One chap’s YouTube video got on my nerves in about 15 seconds!
      I hope you find one. I’ll post about anything I sign up to on line. Stay well and creative too.


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