Scrap Happy May 2020

I’m afraid I’ve a very scrappy offering of scrappiness this month.  First off you may remember last month Lovely Husband made me a lovely greenhouse from old polythene and pieces of scrap wood.


It turns out some of those pieces of scrap wood just happened to be my clothes props that he originally made from scrap wood.  But never fear, he made me two more from different pieces of scrap wood.

Why couldn’t he use these for the greenhouse in the first place? I’ve no idea.

As for me…

Because I wear orthotics, I often remove the inner liner from trainers so my feet fit in them. ( I have huge feet, so buying a bigger size is often not an option.)  For years now I’ve been saving the liners thinking that they’re made of a fabulous squashy stuff that will be great for a crafting project some day. Although, of course, I have no idea what that might be. I have quite a collection…


I few weeks ago I realised I’ve been wearing my current pair of dog walking trainers for far too long and they were providing zero support for my feet. But ordering a new pair in lock down meant a long wait.


So meantime I refurbished the old ones with one of the old linings – the trainers were so stretched and battered there was now plenty of room for them.




And that, I’m afraid is the sum total of this month’s scrappiness. But I’d love to know if anyone has any suggestions for what to do with the rest of my collection of trainer inner liners.

If you like the idea of using your scraps, click on Kate or Gun (first two names in the list  below) and join us on the 15th of every month – or just those months you feel like joining in.  Here’s a list of both frequent and occasional Scraphappiers (?) if you want to see what everybody else is doing.

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Stay Safe. Stay well.

Until next time,

Bekki x


10 thoughts on “Scrap Happy May 2020

  1. I’ve no ideas for you I’m afraid. I was prescribed some orthotics for hip pain but they made my baby bunion worse so I stopped wearing them around the house all the time and put them in my dog walking boots instead. However, I did take lots of insoles out of sneakers/trainers/etc. before I decided that so also have a few of these scattered around. I’ll be watching in case somebody else has any ideas.

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    1. It’s a nightmare isn’t it? I now get corns on the bottom of my feet because of my orthotics. Glad I’m not the only one mad enough to keep they – I just goes against the grain to throw away something that’s brand new, and they do have a very appealing squish to them.

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  2. ok. here’s my first idea. It’s probably not feasible, and a little bit rubbish but it was instant, and often they are my best ….
    If you sliced each insole centrally, lengthwise, you’d have a long, thin strip, that’s wavy on one edge, and straight on the other. (you might be able to break them into 4 and create a stubbier one) Coil them up and secure, like a Chelsea bun. Then fix them all into a tray, wavy side uppermost and you would have an interesting dirt catching / textural mat you could use like a shoe scraper, or if too small, as sensory play, or perhaps for wedging things in. I’d use a hot glue gun or contact adhesive to secure, and a deodorant cap (I keep all those, and my butane caps – that’s what fuels my blowtorch- for organising bits in my studio) to help keep the shape whilst the glue sets

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    1. Wow! That’s creative and very interesting. Not sure they’d be scrapy enough, but I can see them all coiled nicely together – like little roses – doing something. Thank you for your thoughts, I’ll think on on that one.

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  3. How about using an awl or hole punch to make small holes near the edge all the way round, then crochet with wool or cotton through the holes and up to make a pair of slippers or house boots, or attach a pair of socks. I don’t suppose they’d last forever, but it’d be better than wandering around in your sock feet. You could cut small circles out of the soles to make ‘felt’ pads for under the feet of furniture, or to damp the vibration of a sewing machine… I could probably go on if I sat down and had a good think about it!

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    1. Crickey you’re on the ball. Great ideas and they’re so delightfully squishy just the thought of cutting them up excites me! I wonder about slipper/slipper sox – last time I knitted a pair with a bought sole intended for the job I created something so slippy they were death trap. Better go see how rubbery the bottoms are. Thank you.

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