Sunday Sevens 2020 #21

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens; a post where I share seven or so photos from my week.

Last Sunday Lovely Husband put the glass in the greenhouse and the tomato plants finally had a nice snug home…

20200614_180648 - Copy (2)00

This week I also ‘homed’ the strawberry runners in pots…

The weather has been pretty wet, but we’ve had a couple of lovely sunny days too and all the rain has filled the forest with lush greens that look gorgeous in the sunlight…


The fox gloves are also out in force…


You may have previously spotted that I’m no domestic goddess – so I doubt you’ll be surprised to hear that when the vacuum lost suction and I couldn’t find anything stuck in it, I realised it was because I hadn’t cleaned the filters for over 8 years. This is one of them soaking in the sink. They should be cleaned every 3 months!


Something else that needed doing after 3 months was to filter the damson gin that I set off infusing in March, but I had no problem remembering to do that…


And finally; Anyone for a quick game of Where’s Harry?


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x

14 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2020 #21

      1. Yes in Wiltshire- hardly been out of town yet- just exploring local parks- we have trees but no big forests- miss having the forests of the North yorkshire moors on my doorstep.

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      2. We used to live in Berkshire, so I vaguely know about Wiltshire from travelling down the M4 and going to Swindon once or twice. So yes, a big difference from the North Yorkshire moors, but didn’t realise it was bereft of forests 😦


  1. Just got back from our woodland walk this morning – I grace Mr. T. with my company on Sunday mornings. Sadly, we don’t get foxgloves but are compensated with loads and loads of wild sweet peas.
    I often forget about the filter and, with all the animals I have, that’s not a good idea. However, I don’t think I’ve forgotten for as long as 8 years 😱

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  2. Though we’re next to the New Forest it’s more heath than anything and full of adders so we don’t visit until autumn. Lovely and cool photos though. It was 32 here yesterday and I don’t do heat 🤨 I don’t do domestic either, my one treat to me is to have a lovely lady who ‘does’. She absolutely loves cleaning! Mind you on our chalk board of jobs to do is to shampoo the rugs and wash filters when it’s warm enough. It’s just too warm enough at the mo!

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    1. How can anyone love cleaning? I used to have a ‘woman who does’, but can’t really justify it now. I also used to hate someone else interfering in my mess.
      Bit cooler here; 28 today, but getting fresher tonight for both of us 🙂


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