Watercolour Birds

Another quick post to show you my latest painting created by following one of Louise de Masi’s tutorials. It was beginner tutorial for painting a chickadee.


I had a bit of a fight with the rock/piece of wood it’s sitting on, because my grey completely separated out into blue and burnt sienna when I painted it.


But in the end I think it worked out okay.


Living in the UK, I have no real idea about or interest in chickadees – of course one of the pitfalls of following a tutor who lives on the other side of the world is that they’re more likely to paint animals you’re unfamiliar with. Feeling no real connection to my chickadee painting, I decided to apply the techniques from the chickadee tutorial to a bird I do love; a blue tit…


Quite pleased with my efforts, although definitely not happy about the breast, but I know what I should have done, rather than what I did do.

Until next time,

Bekki x

12 thoughts on “Watercolour Birds

  1. I think you did a great job on the Chickadee – I like his fluffy little black head. The blue tit is good also and, if you know what you did wrong with the breast, that’s a lesson learnt which is what you’re paying for isn’t it? If we managed perfect work at the beginning of a course, we’d wonder why we were wasting our money which is what I tell myself when my felted efforts are less than perfect.

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  2. The granulation of your burnt sienna and I’m gonna guess ultra marine blue, is one of the beauties of Watercolor. If you want to avoid that to get a truer grey, work on a bit drier. The granulation happens when the pigments have enough water to separate in. There is a science behind it.
    Either way, great job on both your birds.

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    1. Hello. Thanks for your observations. Yes, the rock was wet in wet and so definitely it separated more – I just wasn’t expecting it to go that mad. May well have been because it was colder/damper day. So variable here how quickly watercolour dries – from hour to hour sometimes – one of the joys of living the UK! πŸ™‚

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