Sunday Sevens 2020 #23

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens; a post where I share seven or so photos from my week.

It’s been a another damp wet week on Dartmoor. Between showers Lovely Husband finished the making our first raised bed.


While I discovered our first fruits on the tomatoes…

Sorry, camera insists on focusing beyond the greenhouse.

I also started propagating my mint that’s getting very pot-bound and scraggly…


With LH’s help I planted a bush that I grew from a cutting of bush that was too  overgrown and woody when we moved into out house to save. Can anyone tell me what this is?


Just as the hairdressers are reopening I plucked up the courage to let LH cut my hair…

The dark bits are LH’s

As I know you’ll complain if you don’t see the cut, here it is. Sunglasses on because standards have slipped dramatically during lock down and I’m wear no makeup…


And just because, here’s a picture of Harry…


Until next time,

Bekki x

10 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2020 #23

  1. LH did a great job of your hair. Mr. T. offered to do mine at one point but I declined although it would have been a more relaxing experience that when I did go to the hairdressers – who have been open for a few weeks now – and watched everywhere any part of me had touched get spritzed with disinfectant.

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    1. I have to go to the dentist – no choice on that! And the hair dresser rung to make me an appointment not long after I made that appointment and got my head around the massive email about new dental protocol – so I declined, not being able to face the thought of more people in PPE dealing with me 🙂 Sounds from your experience like I made the right decision.

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  2. At a guess your newly planted “cutting” is a type of juniper, but hard to tell. Well done on the propagation though 🙂

    I had a hygienist check-up yesterday and it was fine. Yes, the poor staff are going through all sorts of new protocols and I felt so sorry for them in ‘darth vader’ masks but they were doing everything they could to make things as easy on their patients as possible.

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    1. Thank you. Will have a deeper look into junipers.
      My dentist appointment was good from the Darth Vader mask experience angle. (My dentist is absolutely lovely anyway, so not too surprising) Unfortunately the verdict was that my implant had failed and had to be removed 😔


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