A New Home (AKA a New Domain)

If you read regularly, you’ll know I’ve been in a creative transition for a while. (Maybe I’m always in creative transition.)  On top of this – for one reason and another – I’m slowly stepping away from The Dartmoor Yarn Company.  I’m still selling kits if you want to continue to stock them in a shop. And, who knows? One day I may even open that Etsy store.

These two things have lead me to recognise that The Dartmoor Yarn Company is no longer the right domain for my blog and I no longer want to be Dartmoor Yarns.

Apparently changing your domain name is blogging suicide. However that’s not going to stop me and I’m hoping it won’t lead to me loosing too many lovely followers.

My new domain is dartmoorcreative.com. For the next couple of days thedartmooryarncompany.com will redirect you to my new domain. After that it will vanish.

I  presume email subscribers will continue to get my posts direct to their inboxes, but I don’t know if you’re following me on WordPress whether I’ll continue to come up in your feed. So if that’s you, please re-follow me now – or in the future if I don’t.

Long and short: I’m Dartmoor Creative at Dartmoorcreative.com now and you can find me there and contact me from there if you need to.  I’m also Dartmoor Creative on all my other social media feeds too.

Until next time (hopefully),

Bekki x

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