Sunday Sevens 2020 #26

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens; a post where I share seven or so photos from my week.

This week has been a week of extreme weather. Sunday was very hot, but Harry found a lovely spot to cool off on our walk…


Most of Monday morning it rained and thunder and lightening rattled around the moor, but by the afternoon we were able to have a lovely sunny walk on the moor with one of Harry’s chums…


… and in the evening we had a BBQ…


Tuesday was super sunny too. A good day  for a walk with friends…


… and to get a Rug Doctor and wash the lounge carpet…


Another sunny day Wednesday when I spotted an incredible number of bees on the lavender at the front of the house…

Thursday the thunder and lightening returned and on Friday we had the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen…


20200814_19080400Hope you’ve had a great week, whatever the weather.

Until next time,

Bekki x

8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2020 #26

    1. That’s a shame. I try not to complain about the rain, because so many people in the world are so short of water. but this has been of biblical standards and is causing a lot of damage and endangering life at times – would be nice if it came a little more gently.


    1. Ours have been pretty tame as thunderstorms go. Although most things are going to fade in comparison with the one we had last summer that put all the electricity and wifi out in the village for days and killed 11 cows on moor close to us.


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