Loose Watercolour

Loose watercolour often looks simple and quick to paint, but as is often the case, appearances are deceptive. So, in an attempt to loosen my watercolour painting, I decide to have a week of painting only loose watercolour.

First I was inspired by several loose paintings of hydrangeas on Pinterest. I didn’t try to copy any in particular, but gathered some hydrangea blooms from the garden…

…then went with what felt right…

Next I followed a loose hydrangea tutorial from Angel Fehr on YouTube using my own reference photo…

Not at all the sort of painting I want to produce, but there is something I like about it that I can’t quite put my finger on.

After that I decided to paint a picture for my art group’s 3 hour challenge. What to paint for ‘The Blues’ had been foxing me for a while until I remembered there were a group of blue butterflies. First I painted some simple butterflies…

Then I made a mess of my picture…

Next I followed one of Maria Raczynska’s loose humming bird tutorials…

And finally Maria Raczynska’s loose Egret tutorial

Can’t say I love any of them, but loving them wasn’t the point. The point was to help loosen my style.

Until next time,

Bekki x

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