A Squirrel’s Tale

Still working on painting more loosely, this week I decided to follow one of Maria Rackzynska’s watercolour tutorials to paint a squirrel from this reference photo…

I enjoyed painting the tail, but rather lost my creative omph when I got to the body. I think the fur is just too dark. I’d completely lost it by the time I got to the tree stump it’s standing on…

The next time I had enough time, I traced the squirrel and started again. This time I tried to make it not so dark and put more effort into the tree…

I definitely like the shape of the first squirrel better – but that’s not surprising because I traced the second one. I really like my second tree stump and prefer the paintwork in the second picture, but am not that enamoured.

I think the squirrel itself is just not red enough for my liking. Think I need to find a new reference image and try again.

Until next time,

Bekki x

10 thoughts on “A Squirrel’s Tale

    1. It’s surprising how much smaller they are. Never seen one down here – I don’t think there are any. Well done on spotting one – always heartening to see the the greys haven’t completely driven them out x


      1. There aren’t any near me in Lancashire but I have seen them in Cumbria. If you see a grey one in Cumbria, you are meant to report it, then they are disposed of. 😦 It’s sad but the reds cannot survive in the same area. :/ X

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