Meet Tilly

Last time I posted I said I’d introduce you to Tilly properly.

We bought Tilly at the end of October. She’d been owned for the last 5 years by a firm of solicitors who’d used her for a marketing campaign – so she’d been looked after but not loved. However, due to covid, she hadn’t been on any real outings for a year and hubby needed to tinker with her engine to get her running more smoothly.

He also removed the solicitors’ slogan using a credit card and a hair dryer.

Tilly’s interior is the original layout – which was what we wanted, because it gives car phobic Harry a middle seat to travel on. We’ve also found that even modern vans with no middle seat leave you stretching uncomfortably to reach the table if you’re sat at the cab end.

Back of middle seat is laid flat here

Hubby’s been very busy removing the interior and painting and varnishing the wood.Β There was a point where almost the entire van innards filled the hall, but Hubby tidied up and they now only reside on the upstairs landing, in lovely eldest’s bedroom and lovely littlest’s bedroom! Goodness knows where they’ll go if anyone comes home to visit.

Although Tilly’s curtains were almost brand new, we (I) didn’t like them.

I’m going to replace them and have been hunting for suitable fabric, but have had trouble making my mind up.

Tilly also has her own Instagram account. If you’d like to follow she’s @T2Tilly – although I’m sure I’ll be occasionally posting on here about her too.

Until next time,

Bekki x

12 thoughts on “Meet Tilly

  1. Hi Bekki,
    Unfortunately we DID NOT name our VW lovely. Oh well, Too late now. I actually liked the logo on the side but it is YOUR TILLY.
    Good luck with the curtain material. We did actually find wonderful material for ours and loved our curtains.
    I can see you guys on all sorts of adventures and so happy Harry will be ok. He looked great in the photo. (Of course the van was not moving).
    Love, Lucy

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    1. What a shame – but I bet it made it easier to let go when it was time say goodbye.

      The logo was nice, but part of someone else’s marketing campaign, so it also felt a bit corporate. We did nearly leave the word ‘Love’ on and hubby has left one of the small ‘s’ logos, so she didn’t lose all her history.

      Thank you. It’s hard because the drop is so short (55cm) so the pattern on most ‘suitable’ fabrics is just too big.

      Hopefully lots of lovely adventures ahead πŸ™‚ And, as you know, Harry is centre of our world (for goodness sake don’t quote that to my daughters) so if he’s not happy things will be changed. You’re right, he’s much happier when it’s not moving πŸ™‚
      Lots of love x


  2. How fab to have all the original. Our Betsy was empty so we had to fit it which was a pain and never the same as factory fit. Fun though. It’s nice just going for a walk and having your own kettle and tea bags! πŸ˜„

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    1. Good to have the original, but it is very basic. Although having said that, the bed feels as comfy as the one in the T6 we hired, plus being basic makes her easy to spruce up.
      Yes, must have been fun fitting your own van πŸ™‚
      That’s just what we thought about this coming year, if all we can do is go to the coast (or the moor) have a walk and come back and have a cuppa, we’ll be happy. We also had fish and chips on the beach in the rain to celebrate our wedding anniversary this year – so looking forward fish and chips in the van this year πŸ™‚


  3. I bought a vintage camper two years ago. Similar to a Boler (fibreglass egg) β€œFloyd” and I made a solo cross Canada trip from the prairies to the Maritimes. Can’t wait for travel restrictions to lift to do it again!! Enjoy Tilly 😊

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    1. Oh wow! Just googled Bolers. They look soooo cute! What fun. Hopefully we’ll all be able to travel more freely soon.
      Thank you. Loving just having her and sorting her out at the minute and not the time of the year to be tripping out in her anyway.

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  4. A brilliant project for this year. Maybe you need to put another fabric in the mix if you can’t make your mind up about the ones you showed on Instagram. X


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